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One Great City Brewing

Design and installation of a Turbosound sound system, Lab Gruppen amplifiers and Xilica digital control, Winnipeg Manitoba.

FEATURED PROJECT: One Great City Brewing

Design and installation of a Turbosound sound system, Lab Gruppen amplifiers and Xilica digital control, Winnipeg Manitoba.

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Integrated Entertainment Technologies (IET)
is dedicated to serving the entertainment and presentation industry.

IET is a Manitoba based, design, installation, sales, and production company. We supply and install systems of outstanding quality and reliability while keeping the needs of our customers first. From our inception in 1993 as an audio company to our expansion into a multi-divisional service provider for the entertainment and presentation industry, IET has become the leading provider of end-to-end entertainment technology services.

IET provides design, sales, installation, rental & service in the fields of audio & acoustics, stage/studio & architectural lighting, video presentation & distribution, stage rigging & theatrical support.

From our 10,000 square foot office & warehouse facility in the heart of Winnipeg’s Theatre District, we are able to provide outstanding localized service to both our local and national clients. These include integrated solutions for theatres, churches, sports and community centres’, schools, hotels, the hospitality industry, industrial clients, as well as municipal, provincial and federal governments.

Our results as an industry leader are based on a passion for design, a friendly and knowledgeable staff, and state-of-the-art equipment. By staying at the forefront of trends we ensure our clients benefit from the best possible hardware, software, equipment, and processes available. Our systems will provide you with years of enjoyment and satisfaction.



IET designs sound systems for a diverse range of facilities from gymnasiums to arenas, and churches to theatres, with seating from 150 to 15,000. In any facility, where the sound system must deliver high speech intelligibility or natural musical quality, we provide cost-effective sound system design, with predictable and verifiable coverage, uniformity and audio performance.

Our predictability comes from the extensive use of computer-aided design tools including room models and auralization to assist the client in understanding the implications of acoustical design criteria. We verify those designs with on-site analysis and measurement.

IET proudly represent the top audio manufacturers in the world to provide our clients with world-class systems. Contact our audio professionals to solve your audio challenges, no matter the complexity.


What good is your video presentation if it doesn’t portray your “real life” message.

Proportion, resolution, and brightness are the keys to bringing your video content to life.

Whether you are looking for LED video technology or the state-of-the-art projection, IET offers the highest level of creative flexibility while at the same time providing superior image quality with our extensive range of video technology options. IET offers a full range of the most advanced and widely-used video technology.

Our video team has the experience required to recommend and provide the right equipment for any project. IET can provide a LED walls, monitors, touch screens, projectors or media servers from a range of manufacturers.

We are committed to each client’s unique vision and provide the best solution possible.

Want to bring your video content and experiences to life, contact our video department.



The function of theatrical lighting is to make the stage picture visible, but the way in which the stage is lit will have a major impact on the way the audience perceives the stage picture and therefore the show.

Lighting designers painstakingly create visibility, motivation, composition, and mood for the presentation, IET supplies the means to accomplish that.

IET supports a wide variety of applications including theatre, live music, television, sports, events, architectural, and films.

Whatever lighting need you may have, IET has the solution. In addition to our product offerings, we have specialists who can answer your questions and offer solutions to your lighting challenges. Contact our lighting professionals to bring the magic of theatrical lighting to your presentation.


The theatrical touch. The forgotten magic that takes your show or presentation over the top. At IET we have all the finishing touches your show or presentation needs. Whether your stage is surrounded by luxurious velours, exciting effect lighting or pyrotechniques we can put the finishing touch on your critical presentation.


With IET partnership, we are able to merge our expertise in the entertainment field with the expertise in the winch and crane field.

This enables us to provide a world-class winch, motor and truss design, installation, inspection, and service, to provide the highest standard for winch applications in the entertainment industry. Service includes hoist load testing, specialized steel & structure testing, and certified repair and documentation.

Soft Goods and Drapery

Ordering a stage curtain, event drape, or backdrop can be confusing. Let us help! We can assist you in designing, specifying and budgeting the right soft goods for your stage production or special event.

Let us help specify your drape design, fabric selection, fullness, seaming and lining, and side & bottom finishes. When it is time to get your product in the air, our specialists can design all your track, traveller and rigging requirements to accomplish that much anticipated “reveal”.

Dance Studio Support

We support our dance partners with the manufacturing and supply of a complete range of long-lasting portable, permanent, sprung and vinyl floors. IET provides the best dance and performance floors in the industry. Our dance customers recognize the advantages of our sprung floors; fewer injury risks and improvement of artists’ trust in the floor. Couple that with our complete dance package of ballet barres, glassless mirrors, tape, and accessories to help you develop world-class dancers.

Whether your production is once a year, or once in a lifetime, you want it to end with a WOW factor. Talk to our Wow experts to help design an unforgettable experience.



Countryman E6 Earset

Countryman E6 Earset

Our most popular microphone, the extremely low-profile E6 Earset delivers beautifully uncolored audio.


VF16 LIVE 16 Channel


16 Channel DIGI-LOG Mixing Console. Digital/analog hybrid mixer with FireWire.

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